Now --- The True Creation Story of All Mankind.






Mosquitoes are considered one of the most lethal organisms in the world due to the fact that they transmit an enormous number of pathogens (viruses, protozoans, nematodes, bacteria including, of course Plasmodium falciparum)




A stinking Goddam little parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, the parasite responsible for that most deadly of all human diseases, malaria, is the most likely true creator of all modern humans.  If not falciparum, then some other ancient parasite.






Parasites have the nasty habit of invading and driving the nervous systems of their unlucky hosts.  We have been living with an unrelenting all powerful army of mosquito borne parasites since the beginning of hominid history.  We will show here how a million year epic struggle with unknown mosquito parasites has been the evolutionary driving force leading to all modern humans




It happened so far back in time we actually donít know which specific parasite was involved but for simplicities sake it helps to think of a single microparsite that infected only human hosts for a long stable period of time leading up to a time when the host population shrank to very small size lost out in the desert vastness of East Africa between about 65,000 and 75,000 years ago during a 10,000 year period of African desertification wherein the host (us) was locked into a period of dangerous inbreeding through progressive loss of diversity.


We will call this unknown, ancient microparasite, 'Plasmo'.  Makes it easier to write and visualize.

I believe in God.  I believe God speaks directly to people.  I believe God also speaks through people.  I believe God answers prayers.  I believe God can and does fuck with my brain.  I believe God is revengeful and can quickly burn my ass for so little as a minor, unseemly, out of place, innocent, fucking little comment but I also believe with all my piss and all my vinegar that a stinking Goddam little parasite is or was my true and honest Goddam, maker.

Not a preternatural super being.  Not natural selection.  Not a selfish gene.  No blind watchmaker.  No Goddam R.A.Fisher or J.B.S. Haldane evolutionary horse shit.  Surely as shit no Goddam John Maynard Smith crappy assed algebraic puke.  Not optimal foraging theory and Goddam, Goddam, Goddam sure no silly ass Goddam academic wet dream called 'game theory' or anything fucking nearly like it.

Plasmo was my true and honest Goddam maker.



The war between parasites and their hosts' immune defenses has been likened to a molecular arms race. The truth is that few parasites are deadly to their hosts. In the long run the microbes have a shared interest in the hosts survival. A dead host is a dead end for the invader too.

Parasites have long been known to influence their hostís behavior in ways beneficial to the parasite. They have the nasty habit of invading, taking over and controlling  the host's nervous system and then driving the host to bizarre self destructive behavior.  Once the nervous system is in the parasites control parasites affect their hosts profoundly, determining how they look, their mating behavior, where they live, what they eat.

The rabies virus, for instance, makes its victims rabid so they bite others in order to continue transmission of the virus.

Black Protomognathus ants enslave red Leptothorax ants, which work and feed the larvae of the black ants while their masters hunt for more slaves.

Trematode worms are capable of manipulating the behavior of their hosts the mud snail. Trematode larvae must find a way into the digestive system of a beach flea and thence into the digestive system of a bird to complete its lifecycle.  The problem is the mud snail and the beach flea do not exist in the same habitat so in some miraculous way the larvae consume the mud snail's glands and somehow drive the snail to the fleas habitat.

Biologists have discovered and hope to decipher deadly cross talk between the genomes of a grasshopper and a parasitic worm that infects it.

The interaction occurs as the worm induces the grasshopper to seek out a large body of water and then leap into it.

The parasite known as a hairworm, lives and breeds in fresh water.  But spends the early part of its life cycle eating away the innards of  the grasshoppers and crickets it infects.

When it is fully grown, it faces a difficult problem, that of returning to the water.  So it has evolved a clever way of influencing its host to deliver just one further service --- the stricken grasshopper looks for water and dives in.

The nervous system of the grasshopper is zombified when the hairworm injects two proteins into the brain of its host that influences development of the grasshopper nervous system.  Although produced by the worm, the two proteins are similar to the insect proteins so as to mimic them.

These proteins seem to induce a fantastical desire to swim.  It is not known how, from its aquatic home, the hairworm manages to infect a terrestrial species but it is thought the hairworm larvae, miniscule on hatching, first infect a mosquito larvae and hide as cists in their tissues.

When the adult mosquito flies away and dies its body may be eaten by a grasshopper or cricket.  The hairworm will then develop eating everything not essential to keep its host alive until the zombified grasshopper is reduced to just its head legs and outer skeleton and goes for its final swim.



Turn on a dime evolution

Beginning about 80,000 years ago and ending about 50 000 years ago our ancestors underwent a population squeeze where they went from possibly one hundred thousand to about five or ten thousand individuals placing them in the position of a critically endangered species perilously close to complete extinction.  This is known from genetic studies which preserve genetic records of population expansions and  separations in the distant past.  This evidence suggests that all living human populations evolved from a very isolated precursor population probably experiencing severe evolutionary stress.

Early human populations were extremely small in size burdened with excessively long generation times which were critical to the maturation of the young.

Such very small populations are disastrously unstable due to lack of genetic variation and intense inbreeding.  On their own they would soon collapse.  Plasmo could turn on a dime like an Olympic downhill racer while the human populations could only react like the lumbering Titanic evading an iceberg.

Microbial populations may fluctuate by factors of 10 billion on a daily cycle as they move between hosts, or as they encounter antibiotics, antibodies or other natural hazards.  A simple comparison of the pace of evolution between microbes and their multicellular hosts (us in this case) suggests a million fold or billion fold advantage to the microbe.  A year in the life of bacteria would easily match the span of mammalian evolution"

It would have been impossible for the incipient humans to keep up with the continually ongoing environmental changes.  Plasmo had to do it for us.  She had the speed.  She had the numbers.  She had to come up with something.

To save us plasmo invented the computer 65,000 years before Alan Turing was even born.

It has been demonstrated that computers can come in a diversity of sizes, that computers can be composed of biological components.  The human brain is an example of that.

For generations scientists have been inventing new materials and designs for stuffing ever more circuit components into ever less space.  How about going in the opposite direction?  How about larger?  How about a computer as big as the Great Basin?

To save us Plasmo turned the entire human population --- not the individual --- into a computer as big as the Great Basin.

Tiny populations whose daily interactions, desires, fears, lusts, longings, constant dissatisfactions and insatiable yearning for more, more, more, perform functions analogous to those of the transistors, diodes, conductors and other key components of  today's microprocessors only spread out on a desert landscape as big as the Great Basin.

We propose an evolved prehistoric macroprocessor going back maybe 50 000 to 65 000 thousand years ago in which certain small groups of individuals took on the properties, transistors, sensors, searchers, switches and routers all together making up the components of a giant computer designed by Plasmo to drive individuals to and from any part of the landscape Plasmo wished them to go and to do there what all human populations do so readily anywhere, to screw and screw and screw and screw.


Female fuckability and unfuckability (ugliness and prettiness) would be the ones and zeros of a binary code acting upon a bar code reader in the brain of the male.  A barcode reader exactly alike in all human males connected to a solenoid in the male's brain that fired each and every time a today's male sees a pretty young female on the street, in the market, or in passing autos.


The 400, 000 square miles of Western America we think of as the Great Basin, including all of Nevada, portions of Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona and New Mexico is the kind of area we are thinking about, only in Africa.  A vast desert area some 65 000 years ago when the Africa was beginning this period of  ever increasing desertification within which our precursor hominids would have had to survive in ever smaller groups leading to a period of  an overall human population of perhaps no more than 10 000  individuals (maybe 2,000 some say) distributed as small semi--isolated groups struggling in cruel, unrelenting, desert.  A dire biological recipe for certain extinction.

Ernst Mayr's Theory of Peripatric Speciation


Ernst Mayr is well known in the world of biology.  His evolutionary concept of peripatric speciation, describes a unique kind of speciation event different from total geographical isolation. 

Emanating from his work on Solomon island birds in the 1920s Ernst Mayr has contributed the concept of peripatric speciation to evolutionary theory.  His work there had impressed upon him the importance of geographic isolation as a precondition to speciation.  In analyzing specimens, he had been struck by an interesting pattern.  The most physically distinctive or divergent members of a species, those that differed most in dramatically in beak shape for instance lived on the edge of the species range.  It was his idea that the most important evolutionary events took place in such peripherally isolated populations.

Because population size at the center of the range is greater gene flow also becomes greater but it is also multidimensional.  That is, like the arms of an octopus migration routes extend out from the larger central populations.  This leads to populations with high genetic variability and thus, high levels of hetrosygosity (a kind of genetic variation).

Conversely gene flow is generally much lower in the widely separated peripheral populations where genetic variation is reduced, and because of inbreeding, higher levels of homozygosity (fewer genetic choices) would prevail.  Populations inhabiting peripheral ranges would be faced with adapting simultaneously to two environments, one genetic and one ecological..  One might expect that this double impact of high rates of genetic drift and simultaneous environmental pressure might trigger rapid changes.

However Mayr felt that drift and environmental pressure could not supply the complete answer, he believed "quantum evolution" was initiated on the edge of the species range.

He wrote:

"The genetic reorganization of peripherally isolated populations, on the other hand, does not permit evolutionary changes that are many times more rapid than the changes within populations that are part of a continuous system.  Here then is a mechanism which would permit the rapid emergence of macroevolutionary novelties without any conflict with the observed facts of genetics."

Those are exactly the evolutionary properties Plasmo was looking for --- quantum evolution and 'rapid emergence of novelties'. to save both herself and her small, ever shrinking,  lumbering, critically threatened hominid population.


To produce a stable over all population Plasmo needed to move those peripheral genes to the center of the species range ASAP.





Map of Mayr's population distribution of a single species (Papuan kingfishers) on New Guinea.  He wrote that this distribution was characteristic of hundreds of other species. 

Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 above denote the smaller outer islands.  Vast desert areas such as the great Basin would harbor many similar tiny, semi isolated human populations.  However humans must walk from site to site, not fly as birds do. 

Think of it as amperage.  High amperage for birds.  Low amperage for humans.

This became a major problem of gene flow velocity that Plasmo had to resolve if she wanted to save our collective asses 65,000 years ago.




Size matters.  Genetic drift in small populations works something like coin flips.

If you repeatedly flip a coin, it should come up heads about half the time.  In a series of four flips, you may get heads every time but if you flip a coin100 times you're unlikely to get such skewed results.


Graph above shops the results of computer experiments that simulate chance effects in three human populations of different size, each starting with single gene frequencies of 0.50.  N is the population size.  (From Bodmer and Cavalli_Sforza.   Evolution and Man.  W. H. Freeman, San Francisco 1976.








To marry the periphery to the core of those beleaguered hominid populations the energetic Plasmo invented the garment industry 65,000 years before Calvin Klein ever knew how to sew a zipper on a pair of men's jeans.

Plasmo had to come up with something to draw the core individuals out to the farthest reaches of the species range to leave genes and bring back young females and marry the drift of the periphery to the variation of the core populations thus insuring healthy genetic variation in the entire endangered population.

Plasmo briefly took over the incipient humans nervous systems and invented economic systems, long distance trade and particularly fashion and the garment industry to trade out and marry the swiftness and drift of  Ernst Mayr's periphery to the unidirectional variation of the species range core of our then genetically crunched ancestors.

If there's anything in the world that can move genes around consistently over long distances it's style, fashion and the well known human eternal search for more, more and more.  Plasmo invented that.

Plasmo invented commerce and long distance trade because she knew that  wherever you find commerce and long distance trade a whole lot first class screwing always goes along with it.

In the beginning it was just a lousy little bit of body paint, some pretty feathers, cave bear fangs, furs, skins, sea shells for beads.  To make this mechanism effective Plasmo invented the base drive in all modern humans to keep the body continuously decorated and adorned with all the gewgaws.  WHETHER THEY USED COCONUT SHELLS, BEADS, SCARIFICATIONS OR DIAMONDS, THEY ALL SIGNIFY THE SAME THING ... VALUE.  Actually, nothing but useless but rare junk.  The kind of stuff you'd have to go way out on the periphery of the landscape to get a hold of and keep circulating relentlessly unabated for the past 65,000 years.

That's the Goddam computer dummy.  The garment industry is the operating system.  The garment industry spread out over a landscape as big as the Great Basin keeps genes moving like nothing else can.   Nothing can keep genes circulating eternally across the landscape like the lust for fashion.  THAT'S THE COMPUTER DUMMY.  Only the inherent mathematics of the garment industry (value) could insure long distance, high velocity gene flow over a landscape as big as the Great Basin on a regular and consistent schedule.  Paint, beads, bones and cave bear teeth at the beginning --- diamonds and rubies today ---  all just useless, prettified but valuable junk.

For the ants and bees itís chemicals that glues them together.  For us, itís economics, trade, art, style and the garment industry.  The garment industry is as much a part of us as our belly buttons, assholes, internal organs, noses and toes and its been that way for the last 65,000 years or so that Plasmo first came up with it.



At some point the ever thinking Plasmo needed something to amplify current across the surface of the Monster, magnum macroprocessor.  She chose the bead.

The bead has value.  The bead is a value sink responded to by all individuals in the population.  It has been thus from the beginning.  Historians speculate that one reason Julius Caeser invaded Britain in 55 B.C. was to get his hands on freshwater pearls.  There have to be circuits in the brain for something like that to prevail so many years in so many diverse human populations.

Trade one bead or a feather over a very long distance and you're almost certainly going to send a gene or two along with it. One might almost say one bead equals one gene in a long distance business transaction.

For prehistoric humans that could only be accomplished by aggressive consistent foot travel from core to periphery over very long distances.  The bead helped insure that male traders got out to the edge of the species range regularly and aggressively in a consistent manner like ants relentlessly finding their way out on to some very specific spot on the sidewalk to devour a tiny lump of sweets some careless human has dropped there.



Art has a value.  Art is a value sink.  There have to be circuits in the brain for that too.

There is an inseparable connection between art and money.  Art is a business pure and simple.  Art was a value storage device then and remains a value storage device to this day.  Art like the bead is a value storage device that can be understood by every member of the population.  Who do think held on to the best art in the earliest human populations.  Why the rich and the powerful; then as today.  Nothing has changed.   Art is locked into the circuits of our brains as a value sink.

Art and the bead were the first money in a value system that had no numbers yet every member of the population understood that value and kept it in their heads.

Art and the bead were only the carrot and stick to draw the young males out to the periphery.  There had to be circuits for the brain to do that.  Plasmo invented those circuits to draw males out to the edge of the species range to trade for art and the bead where it was often and cheap and then in an accompanying behavior bring young females back to the center of the species range to keep the genetic makeup of the entire species vital. 

In art Plasmo had invented money without knowing it.  Art was the progenitor to all money.  Today money has replaced art and the bead as the value sink of all time.





In this computer you need a transistor.  You need a gate.

The gate would be fuckabilirty and unfuckability of the female form and face.

The more prettiness in the population the faster the gene flow.  The more dog shit ugliness, the slower the gene flow ---that's a computer part, a regulator , a transistor, a gate --- Plasmo invented it.  It's how Plasmo regulated gene flow.


In a computer you need something to control current --- resistors, capacitors and transistors.  All a transistor does is control and moderate the flow of electricity.  Female fuckability and unfuckability controlled gene flow for that human population highly stressed out on a desert vastness in East Africa 65,000 years ago.  The more beauty the faster the gene flow.  The more dog shit ugliness the slower the gene flow.  That's your computer.

Think about it as a configuration red and green stop lights where under certain conditions the traffic flows through and under other conditions, the traffic doesnít flow through.

Most southern California freeway onramps have a green and a red light which go on and off to meter traffic onto the freeway.  Itís all set up so only so many cars can get through at any given time.  In the monster macroprocessor dog shit female ugliness performed the same function red lights perform on the freeway onramps in Southern California.  Breath taking beauty and big fat asses simply regulated traffic.

Fuckability/unfuckability of the female as a computer gate was created in three ways.  Ugliness/prettiness of the face,  oldness/youngness and fatness/thinness of the entire body all combined in each small population.  All this as a distinct genetic component as yet undreamed of by modern biology.

Plasmo used breath taking beauty and dog shit ugliness combined with the bead to regulate the velocity, the distance and the direction of gene flow in the monster magnum macroprocessor.

The law of gravity that makes apples fall on earth are the same everywhere in the cosmos.  This principle was critical to the Ideas of Newton, Galileo and Einstein. 

This same principle is not applicable to the inner workings of the human brain.  The male can no more make a pretty face ugly or an ugly face pretty than he can force his brain to switch perception of red to green or green to blue. This response is an experience of molecular structures of the human brain and nowhere else in the cosmos.

Anthropology teaches each society sets its own standard for beauty.  This is asinine for the overt heterosexual male finds beauty in all human populations --- just ask any sailor.  The truth is that all human populations produce individuals who range from breathtaking beauty to downright ugliness. 

Any gathering on Earth, in an elevator, an airplane or classroom - in any such group there is always one prettiest and one ugliest woman.  The group is divided up in a number of different way ways simultaneously, old/young, fat/thin, pretty/ugly, presenting continuous range of variation to the eye of every heterosexual male in the system.

The point we are trying to make is that facial beauty is not universal in the cosmos the way the law of gravity is.  Facial beauty can only be read by a genetically created molecular structure of some sort in the male brain

That structure must act like a barcode reader connected to a solenoid which evinces an immediate sense of longing deep in the male's guts if the female is pretty and the opposite if the female is ugly.  This physical brain structure identical in every male whether he wants it or not.  It comes to us as if produced by a high speed printing press without variation throughout all human populations.

It is a biological structure probably comprised of circuits and those circuits are part of a wire harness similar to the wire harness in my ranger pick up that is identical in all ranger pick ups.  That structure in my pick up truck turns on the dome light unerringly and faithfully each time I open the truck door and  unfailingly turns it off when I close the door. It never tires or fails or misfires.

The barcode reader works the exact opposite of the Pavlovian response.  It is automatic. It never needs to be initiated or reinforced.  It is given to us at birth.  It never fails to read breath taking beauty or dog shit ugliness perfectly and faithfully each time a new young woman is seen, on the street, in the market or in passing autos.

That's brain science folks.  Hard ass brain science.  You can't read dog shit ugliness and big fat asses as a negative response without a circuit in the brain to do it.  A barcode reader connected to a solenoid in the guts of the male who perceives the male such a mechanism is impossible by natural selection period.

Medical science has it wrong.  Poor personal eating habits have nothing to do with excessive body fat.   All body fat --- all of it --- every single molecule of it is (or was) purposeful --- it has but one purpose and no other in humans --- that is to do exactly what it does completely and absolutely in every single living human --- it either attracts or it repels.  In one conformation body fat attracts absolutely and in a different conformation it repels absolutely --- repels, repels, repels.  All repulsive body fat is purposeful.  It has (or had) an evolutionary purpose.  It repels, repels, repels.  It happens in the male's brain and nowhere else in the cosmos.  A response like that can only occur if there's a molecular structure in the brain to cause it to occur and it cannot be Mendelian. 

Natural selection could not have created it.  There had to be a creator event to produce it,.  Plasmo was that creator.

The bar code reader in the brain of the male made the necessary binary decisions out on the periphery of the species range.  Beads drew the male traders out to the periphery and then the males came back with women the bar code reader selected for them.  Very young women.  Very young women with pretty faces, tiny round butts and incipient pubic hair --- what all males want in their secret dreams --- then as now.


The bar code reader would necessarily be a molecular structure of some sort that is alike in all human males.

The electronic chip in all motel 6 door locks in the United States Like SchrŲdinger's cat remains unseen but essentially works identically in all motel 6 door locks in the Untied States.

Similarly the bar code reader connected to a solenoid in the male brain must necessarily be a molecular structure that reads ugliness and prettiness repeatedly and unfailingly like all motel 6 electronic door locks read key cards repeatedly and unfailingly.

The genetics of this "chip" in the brain of all human males would necessarily be Mendelian, reading oldness/ youngness, drop dead beauty, dog shit ugliness, tight little butts and big fat asses unfailingly for the 55,000 thousand years since Plasmo first designed it.

Like SchrŲdinger's cat you can't see it in the male brain but like the unseen chip in the motel 6 door lock pictured right  --- you know it has to be there

Plasmo designed that unseen chip in the male brain.



Plasmo used junk functions of the human brain to build her monster computer as big as the great basin.



Half the genes in a large percentage of all living organisms have no real purpose and are called 'junk genes'.

Photo by pixfolio/alamy



Instead of using junk genes Plasmo used junk functions of the human prefrontal cortex to build the garment industry.

By junk brain functions we mean such self evident useless brain functions as music and art but also many others such as mild fascination with clearly useless but pretty objects such as feathers, pretty stones, sea shells, large animal incisors such as bear and shark teeth and especially vivid paints and pigments for body decoration, shiny rare metals and of course,  fabrics. --- all these being relatively rare in the natural world and often found on the edge of the hominid species range. 

Plasmo turned these useless but captivating junk objects into obsessive Ďmust haveí items mostly to be used as body adornments then combined them with the common human proclivity to fashion and flair driving obsessive males to the edge of the species range to collect them as they often continue to do to this day.

No new brain functions were invented.  Plasmo used only those junk brain functions that were already present in the brain --- magnified them --- and then sent specialist traders off to the edge of the species range looking for them knowing that the traders would often return with young females with pretty faces, tiny round butts and incipient pubic hair who carried the critical peripheral genes needed by both Plasmo and us for the two of us to survive a near catastrophic population crunch.

In other words we're saying that the distribution of talents and abilities on the surface of the human prefrontal cortex is as varied as the variation in that Indian corn --- Plasmo did that ---  and the only way to read it is through SAT scores.  It's invisible to MRI scans.


Plasmo needed more functions for her monster macroprocessor than the brains of  hominid species could provide. Back then the brains of all individuals were all identical (according to me).  Plasmo needed more computer power than that.  Much more.  In addition she needed to have individuals with distinctly different roles in the system.  Plasmo had to come up with something unique.

There are a number of modules on the SAT test., math, verbal, spatial etc.. No matter how many individuals take the test the results always show that the module vary  individually the way coloration varies in the ears of Indian corn above.  Nobody has the same mix of abilities.

Jumping genes cause the variation on the corn.  To create the same effect in the human prefrontal cortex  Plasmo used something different called random stuttering genes (triple repeats) which means exactly what it sounds like.  The genes stutter.  This greatly multiplied diverse functions of the brain greatly increasing the space of certain (but not all)  discrete functions in the total population without increasing the size of individual brains.

Stuttering genes" means exactly what it sounds like.  The genes stutter.  That kind of variation is special.  It's not Mendelian.

Think about it.  If there were a gene for smartness and the gene stuttered it would produce more smartness every time the gene stuttered.  Endlessly.  Forever.  The more stutters, the more smartness.  Every time the gene stuttered you'd get smarter and smarter and smarter.  They sky's the limit in this deal.  It's a deal no population can turn down.

Stuttering repeats are responsible for a many neurodegenerative disorders including Huntington's disease and autism.  Get the connection ---  brain functions --- neurodegenerative disease --- SAT scores.  They are all phenomena of the brain.  Stuttering genes on discrete junk functions of the prefrontal cortex gave Plasmo the brain power she needed without increasing the size of individual brains.

With one simple key stroke Plasmo could easily double, triple or more than quadruple the effective circuitry or gigabyte level of the population without increasing the size of individual brains.

It's all done with the pull of a genetic slot machine handle.

You have a number of genes. Ten maybe.  Each represents a different modular function spread out on the surface of the prefrontal cortex like ten distinctly different computer chips spread out on a table top.  Each chip is rigorously limited in number of circuits by brain size.   In the brain different individual functions would be such as music, math, memory, spatial, reading etc. (Math and reading were useless abilities 65,000 years ago.)  Early in brain development a non Mendelian slot machine handle is pulled on each of the individual modules separately. Each module then comes up with its own unique number.

The outcome is all completely random.  There's no heritability to it.

It's the same as having a handful of lottery tickets.  Each ticket has a different combination of numbers on it.  That's what you see on SAT scores.

Say you had 10 separate intellectual modules in each prefrontal cortex in a population that would mean 10 gigs for each individual and no more than 10 gigs for the population no matter how large it was because all brains are redundant.  It could never be more than 10 gigs for the population no matter how large it was.  The population has a limited IQ.

Now, if you distribute the abilities and talents on the surface of all the prefrontal cortices the way Indian corn coloration is distributed the gigs (IQ) goes up at the population level exponentially.  They stay the same at the individual level.

Exponential means there's no limit to it.  The sky's the limit.  You can't stop a process like that.

This is just a simple engineering problem solved by Plasmo that any average engineer could come up with.  How do you increase IQ of the population in a population in which each individual's prefrontal cortex is identical when the surface of each individual's cortex is critically limited?

The answer is,  by distributing the circuits like the genetics of coloration in Indian corn.

The SAT scores are a paper map of variable circuits of this prefrontal variable cortex which differs in each individual. However it's not a complete map since only college bound students tend to take the test and many junk functions such as music and art are not included in the test.  Like SchrŲdinger's cat, you can only infer it from outside the box.  You don't have to get in side the brain to see it.  Any asshole can see it through the simple results of SAT scores.

Plasmo's fateful keystroke was the true creation event of all modern humans.  Prior to that fateful keystroke all human brains were identical.  After the keystroke all human brains were different the way Indian corn is different.  Physicists call the big bang, "the singularity".  That fateful keystroke invention of the garment industry was the singularity of human creation.  By turning on the genetics of stuttering genes Plasmo had unintentionally created the variable human prefrontal cortex causing gigabytes (IQ) to rise at the population level exponentially without increasing the size of  individual brains.  Bestowing different gifts to different individuals by chance genetics giving rise to all the great civilizations you see in the world today.

Plasmo is now long gone from the scene.

Thatís the computer as big as the Great basin.  Plasmo invented it Maybe 65000 years ago to save our genetic bacon. It runs on like a perpetual motion machine with a start button but no stop button.  Plasmo set the controls of commerce, long distance trade, the garment industry and male obsessive, relentless, irresolvable desire on wide open 65,000 years ago and set the whole thing in motion the way an arsonist sets a match to tinder in a dry forest during a wind storm.  It rages on mindlessly to this day like a runaway train going downhill.  Can anyone stop or slow it down the endless voracious, rampaging garment industry?  Does anyone care?  Can it ever have a happy ending?  A) I donít know.  B) I donít give a fuck. C) I wonít be around for the ending.





Now --- The genetics of the computer as big as the great basin.


The last half of the 20th century is considered by many to be the age of the gene.


Many believe we are now entering the age of evolutionary development or the age of "evo devo".


Plasmo wisely chose evo devo for the genetics of her computer as big as the great basin


I have worked out the evo devo gentics of the great computer at least partially but do not want to put them up until I attract more visitors to my website if ever --- I do this to help cement these genetics to my website maybe beating some professional it--- will try to put these genetics up by July 4 2011